The total solar eclipse of 11/12/1966

General data

Day of week: Saturday
Maximum duration of eclipse: 01m57s
Maximum width of eclipse path: 84 km
Saros cycle: 142
Coverage: 100%
Magnitude: 1.0234
Gamma: -0.33

How will be the weather during the total solar eclipse on 11/12/1966?

Where is the best place to see the total solar eclipse of 11/12/1966?
The following maps show the average cloud coverage for the day of the total solar eclipse. With the help of these maps, it is possible to find the place along the eclipse path, which has the best chance of a cloudless sky. Nevertheless, you should consider local circumstances and inform about the weather of your chosen observation site.

The data is provided by NASAs satellites AQUA and TERRA. The cloud maps are averaged over a period of 17 years (2000 - 2017).

Detailed country maps

worldmap Chile
worldmap Peru
worldmap Brazil
worldmap Argentina
worldmap Bolivia
worldmap Paraguay
worldmap Uruguay

Cities inside the path of the eclipse

The following table shows all locations with a population of more than 5,000 inside the eclipse path. Cities which have more than 100,000 inhabitants are marked bold. A click at the locations opens a detailed map.

City Type Eclipse duration Local time of max. eclipse Distance to central line Ø Cloud coverage
PE  Puerto Supe, Lima region total 21s 08:00:46 UTC-05:00 32 km 70%
PE  Végueta, Lima region total 57s 08:01:09 UTC-05:00 18 km 69%
PE  Caleta de Carquín, Lima region total 1m 3s 08:01:16 UTC-05:00 13 km 70%
PE  Hualmay, Lima region total 1m 2s 08:01:17 UTC-05:00 14 km 70%
PE  Huacho, Lima region total 1m 2s 08:01:18 UTC-05:00 13 km 70%
PE  Huaura, Lima region total 59s 08:01:15 UTC-05:00 17 km 70%
PE  Chancay, Lima region total 1m 8s 08:02:12 UTC-05:00 6 km 87%
PE  Huaral, Lima region total 1m 8s 08:02:08 UTC-05:00 4 km 68%
PE  Lima, Lima Province total 20s 08:03:05 UTC-05:00 33 km 67%
PE  San Luis, Lima region total 15s 08:03:09 UTC-05:00 33 km 79%
PE  Santa María, Lima region total 56s 08:03:06 UTC-05:00 20 km 45%
PE  Chosica, Lima region total 1m 10s 08:03:08 UTC-05:00 3 km 34%
PE  Asentamiento Humano Nicolas de Pierola, Lima region total 1m 10s 08:03:07 UTC-05:00 2 km 34%
PE  Santa Eulalia, Lima region total 1m 10s 08:03:05 UTC-05:00 4 km 34%
PE  Orcopampa, Arequipa total 1m 19s 08:11:45 UTC-05:00 5 km 36%
PE  Lluta, Arequipa total 28s 08:13:18 UTC-05:00 35 km 26%
PE  Yura, Arequipa total 44s 08:14:00 UTC-05:00 32 km 18%
PE  Arequipa, Arequipa total 36s 08:14:23 UTC-05:00 34 km 20%
BO  Colchani, Potosí total 1m 12s 09:26:00 UTC-04:00 25 km 7%
BO  Uyuni, Potosí total 1m 0s 09:26:25 UTC-04:00 31 km 8%
BO  Tupiza, Potosí total 1m 5s 09:29:31 UTC-04:00 29 km 20%
BO  Tarija, Tarija total 51s 09:30:52 UTC-04:00 35 km 47%
AR  General Enrique Mosconi, Salta Province total 1m 31s 10:34:01 UTC-03:00 16 km 57%
AR  Tartagal, Salta Province total 1m 22s 10:33:53 UTC-03:00 23 km 56%
AR  Castelli, Chaco Province total 1m 33s 10:44:45 UTC-03:00 20 km 55%
AR  Tres Isletas, Chaco Province total 47s 10:45:47 UTC-03:00 38 km 53%
AR  Pampa del Indio, Chaco Province total 1m 33s 10:45:58 UTC-03:00 20 km 53%
AR  El Colorado, Formosa Province total 37s 10:47:13 UTC-03:00 39 km 43%
AR  General José de San Martín, Chaco Province total 1m 29s 10:47:43 UTC-03:00 24 km 45%
AR  Puerto Tirol, Chaco Province total 1m 28s 10:49:44 UTC-03:00 24 km 48%
AR  Fontana, Chaco Province total 1m 29s 10:49:54 UTC-03:00 24 km 49%
AR  Resistencia, Chaco Province total 1m 28s 10:50:02 UTC-03:00 24 km 47%
AR  Margarita Belén, Chaco Province total 1m 46s 10:49:40 UTC-03:00 8 km 46%
AR  Barranqueras, Chaco Province total 1m 31s 10:50:09 UTC-03:00 23 km 48%
AR  Puerto Vilelas, Chaco Province total 1m 26s 10:50:13 UTC-03:00 26 km 48%
AR  Corrientes, Corrientes Province total 1m 41s 10:50:18 UTC-03:00 16 km 51%
AR  La Leonesa, Chaco Province total 1m 20s 10:49:38 UTC-03:00 29 km 46%
AR  Paso de la Patria, Corrientes Province total 1m 41s 10:50:22 UTC-03:00 16 km 47%
AR  San Luis del Palmar, Corrientes Province total 1m 49s 10:50:46 UTC-03:00 2 km 51%
AR  Itatí, Corrientes Province total 12s 10:50:46 UTC-03:00 42 km 47%
AR  Mburucuyá, Corrientes Province total 1m 39s 10:52:18 UTC-03:00 18 km 48%
AR  Santa Rosa, Corrientes Province total 1m 22s 10:52:53 UTC-03:00 28 km 51%
AR  San Miguel, Corrientes Province total 1m 19s 10:53:10 UTC-03:00 30 km 53%
AR  La Cruz, Corrientes Province total 1m 52s 10:56:54 UTC-03:00 1 km 52%
BR  Itaqui, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 48s 11:56:57 UTC-02:00 10 km 52%
AR  Alvear, Corrientes Province total 1m 46s 10:56:53 UTC-03:00 13 km 52%
BR  Alegrete, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 50s 11:59:24 UTC-02:00 9 km 47%
BR  Rosário do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 23s 12:01:43 UTC-02:00 29 km 54%
BR  Dom Pedrito, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 48s 12:03:28 UTC-02:00 14 km 49%
BR  Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 53s 12:05:03 UTC-02:00 5 km 55%
BR  Herval, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 47s 12:07:31 UTC-02:00 16 km 55%
BR  Pinheiro Machado, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 38s 12:06:42 UTC-02:00 22 km 59%
BR  Arroio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul total 1m 49s 12:08:25 UTC-02:00 13 km 67%